Youngstown company to offer jetboat trips through rapids

Don’t worry, it only seems like you’re going to die. Sure, people have lost their lives attempting to cross through the “impassible” class 6 rapids of the Niagara Gorge. And even the high-powered jetboats that take hundreds of tourists through the class 5 whirlpool rapids each summer stop just short of the churning, roiling waters…

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Tour Goes Where No Boats Have Gone Before

The best thing about being a journalist is that, once in awhile, you get the opportunity to do things, meet people and go to places that wouldn’t be available to the average civilian. When Mike Fox, owner of Niagara Jet Adventures, asked me to be the first newspaperman to shoot the Niagara River rapids all…

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Move Over Maid of the Mist…

History Made by Boat Tour That Can Change Face of Tourism The Himalayas, part of the one mile stretch of the fierce Whirlpool Rapids on the Lower Niagara River, is what prevents boaters from traveling under the falls. That and the Devil’s Hole Rapids. These two stretches of wild and furious water stand between the…

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Niagara Jet Adventures Makes Waves In WNY

Here we are at full tilt, staring into the mighty Niagara rapids and having the time of our lives. Beneath our feet, a 6.3 liter Cadillac engine drives 550 horses of power through the water. The noise grinds into the air like a jagged knife. Wind rushes, mist sprays, the spinning force of the boat…

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Jet boat operator eyes route to the Horseshoe Falls

The turbulent waters below the Horseshoe Falls could get a little congested next summer. A U.S. company plans to run a jet boat from Youngstown, N.Y., to the base of the Horseshoe Falls starting in June 2015. Currently, Niagara Jet Adventures runs jet boats to the Niagara River gorge, similar to what’s offered at Whirlpool…

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New boats to tackle raw Class VI Niagara rapids

Niagara Jet Adventures is designing a high tech boat to take adventurous passengers down previously impassable Class VI rapids below Niagara Falls, something that’s “never been done before.” VPC

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Village of Youngstown: Niagara Jet Adventures debuts the spinners

You can say one thing about the folks at Niagara Jet Adventures: They always seem to come up with the unexpected. Thursday evening, NJA co-owners Mike Fox, and Chris Bohnenkamp of Bohnenkamp’s Whitewater Customs of Meridian, Idaho, introduced NJA’s latest series of boats – called spinners – to a small gathering at the NJA docks…

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New jetboat company challenging Whirlpool Rapids

NIAGARA FALLS – The turbulent waters of the Niagara River’s Whirlpool Rapids are seen as a dead zone for boaters. If something goes in, it may never come out in one piece. But that doesn’t bother Chris Bohrenkamp. On Saturday, the Idaho boat builder successfully navigated a 26-foot-long jetboat up the Class 6 rapids — considered “unrunable”…

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