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Adventure Awaits You!

Exciting adventures await guests on the lower Niagara River.  Niagara Jet Adventures (NJA) is opening up for their second season based out of Youngstown, NY.  It’s been a busy winter for this new Adventure Tourism Company!  Chris Bohnenkamp and his team of skilled mechanics have been busy retro fitting 3 of their all-season boats.  “We wanted to provide an even greater experience with our air-suspension seating for our guests by opening up the views and expanding the comfort seats to the Wet Deck” States Chris Bohnenkamp.  The 3 All-Season Jet Boats will traverse the lower Niagara River as far as the world famous Whirlpool.  Guests have a choice between Wet Deck seating or Dry seating.  Tours will be available as of May 7th and will operate on an hourly basis (during daylight hours).


“We are excited to be offering a variety of tours” States Rachel Bohnenkamp (Wife & Partner of Chris Bohnenkamp).  We have 3 All-season Jet Boats and two 360 (spin) boats.  Tours on the All-season will be 60 minutes and travel to, in & through the Class 5 White Water of Devil’s Hole Rapids and the Whirlpool.  While the 360’s will be offering 30 & 45 minute tours on the lower Niagara River.  “The 360’s are very exciting!  They can be compared to a safe Rock’n’Roller-coaster on water.  We believe that offering 30 & 45 minute tours will open up the experience to guests that are running on a tight time line” (Rachel Bohnenkamp).


Excitement and fun is the priority of Niagara Jet Adventures, coming in a close second to the company’s rigorous safety policies.  “Safety is number one” states Chris Bohnenkamp.  Our air-suspension seating was designed to take the impact of the Devil’s Hole Class 5 white water rapids not the guest’s body”.  Wet deck seating was also designed at the tail end of the Jet Boats, the reason?  So that guests still have the ultimate wet experience without the ‘controlled drowning’ or bodies being pushed back into the seats by the force of the class 5 white water rapids (compared to an Olympic size swimming pool being thrown at you).  Niagara Jet Adventures has gone through extensive Coast Guard training and all Captains are trained not only on the Niagara River but the Snake River in Idaho.  “The Snake river is made up of huge white water and can be fairly shallow and rocky in areas.  This creates an ideal place to train our Captains to be the best” States Chris Bohnenkamp.


Niagara Jet Adventures looks forward to a long year, boasting 4 tours and open all 4 seasons!  This year NJA was able to offer tours up until January 5th 2015, only removing boats due to retro-fitting and ‘slush’ on the River.  Tours are available to all ages (minimum 40 inches tall, the average height of a 4 year old), groups, private functions, school and camp groups etc.  NJA will be offering a camp program in July & August of this year in partnership with Niagara Falls State Park, Aquarium of Niagara, Old Fort Niagara, Destination Cinema’s and Hard Rock Café.


Don’t be alarmed if you see NJA in the rapids above the Whirlpool.  The company is busy working on safety plans and protocols for their tours to Niagara Falls in 2016.  Niagara Jet Adventures is currently in the process of building vessels that will not only traverse the Devil’s Hole and the Whirlpool but also the upper set of rapids leading to the basin of Niagara Falls.  Though some believe operating on these rapids is illegal that is far from the truth.  NJA is working closely with the US Coast Guard and Transport Canada to ensure the safety of these tours.

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